eBook LITE

Affordable Option

This version of our eBooks provides a low-cost solution for school budgets that are under pressure. Missing the interactive components and student answering online functions of our eBook PLUS option, it may provide an excellent add-on to the print book. See the full function list in the Comparison Table below.

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eBook PLUS

Full-Feature Option

This full-featured version of our eBooks provides all the functions of the eBook LITE version, PLUS the interactive components and student answering online. Student answers may form a “Record of Work” and you may choose to grade a selection of activities. See the full function list in the Compare Features Table below.

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eBook Teacher's Edition

Teacher's Edition with answers in place

The Teacher’s Edition contains all the features of the eBook PLUS, with the exception that the student answering online feature is missing. In its place are the suggested answers provided by the publisher.

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Available for ALL BIOZONE Titles

Pricing & Availability

Learning Management Systems Integration Available!

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Compare Features: eBook LITE & eBook PLUS

eBook LITE eBook PLUS
Embedded Publisher Questions: Students can answer questions online -
Additional Teacher & Student Offline Resources: Activities that require graphing, drawing, model making, Offline PDFs and spreadsheets -
Embedded Resource Hub: Links to YouTube videos, web links, spreadsheets, 3D models, online simulations -
User Notes, Drawing and Mark-up Tools
Disability Support: Read Aloud (Text-to-Speech)* English only
Selected Text: Color highlight, Dictionary definition, Access Google search, Access Wikipedia lookup
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Our eBooks contain everything in the printed book and more!

Our eBooks provide a replica of the layout of the pages in the printed book. With the interactive features listed on the comparison table, they can provide a rich and engaging learning experience for students. The eBook PLUS version allows students to answer the questions online. Such answers may form a “Record of Work” for the student, allowing the teacher to select which of activities to grade.


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