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Published: Friday, November 16, 2018

How one AP and IB school is using the workbooks

Christine Petrusz, Biology teacher at the American Overseas School of Rome tells us how her school are using the BIOZONE workbooks.
About your school
The American Overseas School of Rome (AOSR) is an American International School located in Rome, Italy. Our student body is about 1/3 American, 1/3 Italian, and 1/3 from dozens of other countries. The language of instruction is in English. Our school is unique in Rome in offering both the AP and IB curriculum for high school students.
Our students come to AOSR with a wide range of abilities, including many English Language Learners.
Most of our graduates go on to enrol in competitive four-year colleges and universities in the United States and Europe.
Why did you choose the BIOZONE resources?

The standard Biology textbooks are dense, have too much information, and are difficult for the students to read. The BIOZONE format breaks the content into manageable chunks and asks the students to answer questions and apply what they have learned. With the BIOZONE books, students are actually reading the book!
How are you using the BIOZONE workbooks and what benefits do they offer?
We cover the AP and IB content in class through lectures, labs, and activities. Then the students read and complete the corresponding BIOZONE pages as homework to practice and reinforce what we have been learning in class. We rarely use the regular textbook anymore. We just have the standard textbooks available as a reference.
I really like the example, practice calculations, and sample data provided in the BIOZONE books. There are even some pages with manipulatives (e.g., a model of DNA that students cut out and assemble and a population of beetles that the students cut out and move around to simulate movement of alleles in a population.)
Would you recommend the BIOZONE workbooks to other schools?
I would definitely recommend the BIOZONE workbooks to other schools that offer AP and/or IB Biology! The students are actually using these books, learning from them!