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Published: Friday, August 16, 2019

Free posters for your classroom

We've created some brand new FREE posters for you to download.


They cover a range of topics within genetics and anatomy.


There are 14 posters in total for you to use with your students.


Download now

Posters cover:
1 Plasmid DNA
2 Chromosome States
3 Numbers of Chromosomes
4 Types of Amino Acid 
5 Genes and Proteins
6 Introns and Exons 
7 Mitosis Micrographs
8 Meiosis and Mitosis Compared 
9 mRNA codes for Amino Acids 
10 Structures Involved with Protein Synthesis
11 Processes Involved with Protein Synthesis
12 The Genetic Code
13 Muscle Fibre Structure
14 The Human Skeleton