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The Living Earth

Teacher's Edition (2nd Edition)

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IMPORTANT: This product can only by purchased when ordering a class set (20+) of student editions of the same title.

Suitability NGSS High School: Biology Integrated with Earth Science
ISBN 978-1-98-856630-6
Edition 2nd Edition (2020)
Format Paperback
Colour Full Colour

Teacher Purchase Only

This title is for teacher purchase only and is not sold to students. This product can only be purchased when ordering a class set (10+) of student editions of the same title. Please contact the sales team for more information.

Product Description

The Teacher's Edition is a version of the student book with additional features specifically designed to aid the teacher's implementation of the CA-NGSS framework (3 course model, "The Living Earth"). These features include:

  • Extended contents outlining the 5Es approach and identifying placement of investigations.
  • Indicator flags to identify extension or more difficult content
  • Summary alignment of all activities to Science and Engineering Practices, Disciplinary
    Core Ideas, Crosscutting Concepts, and Performance Expectations
  • Suggested answers in place
  • Long answers to research questions at the back of the book
  • Embedded coding in chapter introductions to identify the three dimensions of the NGSS framework in context
  • Explanations of the pedagogical approach and strategies for differentiated classrooms
  • Embedded coding for CA CCCS for math and literacy.
  • Suggested strategies for pacing and lesson planning.